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Episode 39 – Conventional Thinking

Iain has big plans for the first Giant Brain convention but Jamie is not so sure. Luckily our convention correspondent Mark Cooke is back from Essen with lots of excellent advice. This episode the team cover abuse allegations, industry deaths, awards and more. Iain’s been working on something in the basement and it proves very useful when getting to the core of what convention organisation is all about. No interns were harmed in the making of this episode.

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Industry distances itself from JR Honeycutt after abuse allegations

Medium Article

Fandomental Article

Esther MacCallum Stewart –

Chad Jensen dies

Dice Tower News link

MTG has made it into National Toy Hall of Fame (USA)

MTG player asked to remove card in support of trans rights 

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Gw profits soar

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Amazon Alexa now plays Ticket to Ride

Catan World Explorers

Exec Producers

Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe


DnD Cluedo

Mark Cooke and Airecon





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