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Iain, Jamie and Sam

Brainwaves Episode 104 – Cash Money Brainwaves – Board Game and Tabletop News Show

Iain and Jamie are back behind the mics to bring you the hottest tabletop gaming news. This episode they cover finances of the industry, new conventions, current conventions running into porblems, and when chess robots attack! All this, and more, on episode 104 of Brainwaves.    Headlines   Record Sales for Wizards of the Coast and the hobby at large   WOTC New Studio   ICv2 hobby game sales   Ben Riggs   Games Expo announces new industry event GIC   Gencon abuse statement   Loan Shark Games   Gencon SB1 statement   Updates   Diana Jones Award   Mythic Games ask for understanding   Red opera and Sirens RPG writer discusses Jamison Stone   News   Geeknson   North Star Games rebrands, new strategic direction   Pokemon Cards Stolen   Patreon Shoutouts James Naylor Shaun Newan Our Patreon   Support Us   Metallic Dice Games Promo Code: ROLLWITHBRAINS   Tabletop Scotland   Tabletop Gaming Live   Brainwaves Survey   Outro   Chess Robot breaks kid’s finger Our Links   Thanks very much for listening. If you like what you’ve listened to then the best way to help us out is to share the podcast and drop us a review and rating on itunes.  You can also follow us on   Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Email:
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