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Tears of the Kingdom Cover art

Tears of a Crown

Tears of the Kingdom is the most direct sequel the Zelda series has ever experienced. Has it got some new tricks up its sleeve?

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, box art

Over the Horizon

Horizon Zero Dawn is an expansive computer game full of wonderful sights. How do you put that into a board game?

Marvel Snap – Review

I look at the latest digital card game sensation Marvel Snap and ponder if it is a worthy contender in a crowded marketplace.

Tunic – Review

Tunic is the indie computer game hotness right now. I’ll try and convey my thoughts with as few spoilers as possible.

Psychonauts 2 – Review

I write about tabletop games because I want to share my love of the hobby with a wider audience. I want to tear down games and get inside them. I want to express why...