Game Chef – The Process

Every year a bunch of folks run a competition of sorts called Game Chef. The idea is to take a bunch of ingredients and design a tabletop game with them based on a particular theme. All of the winners I can think of have been in the indie style of storytelling game with some really interesting ones along the way.

I have had an idea based on the ingredients this year and I am at least going to try and get a draft done by the 19th. Even if I fail to do that I really like the game I’ve thought of so will probably continue to work on it regardless of how far I get in the competition.

My pitch is this:

I’ll be designing a small form card game with storytelling elements based around the ideas of Abandon and Stillness with possible elements of Dream.
Game takes place in a future time where corporations have taken over. You are all members of a rebel faction and the game will go over 4-5 rounds covering your Manifesto, Grassroots support, Groundswell and open rebellion.
I’m thinking the game will be partly co-op with a possible traitor mechanic and I would be aiming for an absolute maximum playtime of 2 hours, but hopefully less.
As you progress through scenes you will establish how your organisation and you as an individual does things. More public/illegal acts will cause attention gaining you more support but making future actions harder to carry out.
What I’m hoping for is a game that forces the characters to make terrible sacrifices in the name of their cause, and give the players interesting decisions to make at every point.

What I thought would be interesting is if I basically show my working. It will be a good way to show how I iterate my games from initial though to final product, and it will hopefully help me cement that process in my mind for future projects.

I’ll be getting the initial draft polished off today which I’ll then share in a new downloads tab on the site.

Anyone else getting involved?


Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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