Feng Shui – First Reaction

We got our first session of Feng Shui in tonight and it was a blast. There was a bit of rules checking but basically the game went so much smoother than the original ever did for me.

The team behind the product have produced a fantastic book, well written and easy to search on a digital device. They’ve really boiled Feng Shui down to the basics throwing out any chaf that made the older system cumbersome in ways it shouldn’t have been.

My group and I only play for a couple of hours at a time but we managed to get through character creation, learning the system and a fight plus some follow up in that time. It is ridiculously easy to make a character as you just choose an Archetype, a Melodramtic Hook and a Concept that makes your Maverick Cop different from every other Maverick Cop.

The system is simple enough to pick up quickly, and they have done a lot of work here to make it flow better than before, with most of the nuance coming from characters abilities which are all written down on the character sheet. There was some amount of looking up rules but that was mostly because I am terrible at remembering them.

I was running the intro scenario from the back of the book and it’s really well put together providing a great kicking off point for a longer campaign. The guys really bought in to the game well throwing out terrible quips, describing amazing stunts and kicking ass with the best of them.

Tune in next time for more tales of what a Maverick Cop, a Spy and an Archer are going to do about the truck that just burst through the side of a community centre.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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