Common Ground Games GNK Tournament

The winter season of Netrunner is coming to a close and the Common Ground Games tournament is the last one before the Most Wanted changes hit and Store Championship season comes around. 
I took a Sol and a Whizzard deck which you can peruse here at your leisure:
Let’s get into it!
Round 1: Stefan

I was playing Stefan round 1 and he set off against me with Leela. I’d played some Leela with the deck and knew to be cautious with when to score. I mulliganed into a bad situation and it wasn’t long before he had 6 points on the table. I came back a way but I knew it was going to be a hard ask to win and I fell short. (Total = 0 points)
Stefan was playing Harmony medtech and I got up and running quickly scoring out 5 points as time came round for the end of the match. I had a last ditch dig into R&D and missed but got the timed win. (Total = 1 point)
Round 2: Peter

I was running first this time against a Titan deck going full on fast advance. I basically couldn’t do much about this one and Peter scored out quickly and efficently. Clot would have helped a lot in this game especially since I had an SMC on a Peddler that I didn’t fire. That change will come in the next version of the deck. (Total = 1 point)
On the runner side Peter was running Andromeda and much to my disappointment I didn’t get to hit him with a Sweeps Week. Anyway I built up slowly and successfully destroyed the drip economy he got going. Peter was running Peacock, which I saw in a deck later on that day as well, and I am really not sure about it as it made some of my servers extremely expensive to get into. I scored out in the windows between him building economy without too much issue. (Total = 3 points)
Round 3: Lachlan

Lachlan was also running Leela and I built up some big servers to keep him out. Took a while but I got there in the end scoring out a GFI for the win. (Total = 5 points)
I had expected to see more of this but Lachlan was the first HB:ETF deck I played that day. I didn’t manage to really keep on top of the economy meaning I had a bit of a hard job getting in everywhere. We eventually went to a timed win in my favour with us both missing the last points we needed by me not running R&D, hitting what I thought was a last minute Agenda instead, and Lachlan not drawing it the previous turn. (Total = 6 points)
Round 4: Gus
It was a long time since I had seen a NEXT deck but I knew what to roughly expect and what to hit. I used Parasites to great effect to keep the Ice strength and subs down on the NEXT ice that appeared and deep dug R&D for the win. I think I could have got it faster if I could have figured out how to install the second medium I had hiding away in hand, but I’ll take a win where I can get it. (Total = 8 points)
Finding myself against Reina I was dreading some Headlock shenanigans. An early error on Gus’ part saw him Queen’s Gambiting an Astro for me and I got a fairly quick score out after that. (Total = 10 points)
Round 5: vs. Ash

My win rate against Noise is very 50/50 and I didn’t do it right this time. A couple of misplayed Ice allowed him some quick scores out of Archives and I just never really got going properly. (Total = 10 points)
Against Spark with my Whizzard I was kept a bit poor but not too badly. I mediumed out for the win once I got going. (Total = 12 points)

So my Corp went 3/2 and my Runner went 4/1 for the day and I ended up a fairly respectable 8th out of 23. I was really pleased with my runner play as it is somewhere I have been missing tricks recently. The change to Whizzard seems to have done me some good and I am really enjoying playing Sol. I am going to look at the ICE mix and I need to make the MW changes to my Whizzard deck. That is proving hard at the moment as I have a lot of tough choices to make and I really need to fit the Clot in. I’ll be taking the new decks to my first Store Championship of the season this coming weekend so expect a follow up report then.

Big thanks to all at Common Ground games which is an amazing venue you should all visit. 

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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