Testing Ground – The fun ends here

Not the most inspiring name for a deck but I was looking forward to playing a Runner I had yet to experiment with. Maxx always struck me as awesome but I had never found the time to build a deck for her. Having recently been turn apart by a Maxx Wyldside deck I was keen to give this beast a try.

Runner: Maxx
Deck: The Fun Ends Here
Designer: d1en

I played the deck five times winning three games and losing two.

vs. Sol

My aggression was not to be contained as I launched into my first game with Maxx. I hit everywhere hard with very little in the way of taxing Ice to stop me and brought the game to a quick finish.

vs. Blue Sun

I was a little nervous going into Blue Sun having had plenty of trouble with the faction in the past. I played a more cautious game waiting for him to build out a bit then DDOS and Apocalypse to set him back to the beginning. He managed to keep me out a little bit with a barrier over HQ where I was fairly certain there was lots of Agendas so a Femme Fatale got me in and the final access for the win.

vs Jinteki PE

I fired off an early Apocalypse and was starting to build momentum having stolen a Global Food Initiative early in the game. I took an Enforcer hit to fire a second Apocalypse off after a Levy but I couldn’t quite hit the Agendas and ended up decking myself to the point where I couldn’t score without dying. I conceded the game.


An early score of 4 points off the top of an unprotected R&D got me going early. My opponent got flooded quite hard but still managed to build up some intimidating looking servers. A neat play with DDOS and a Femme got me into a sever for points 5 and 6 and a Wanton then Archives run got me the win.

vs. Blue Sun

I let this player build up a bit too much and I just couldn’t find an Agenda for the life of me. Careful play on his part blocked me out of most servers and some Crisium Grids and Caprice play left me a sad panda. I should have got rid of the Caprice on an Account Siphon run but I didn’t and an Off The Grid allowed my opponent score out for the win.

This deck is probably the most aggressive I have ever played and I don’t think I quite got my head round exactly how fast I needed to go in the couple of games that I lost. The early aggression is really good but you have got to capitalise on it and when I got shut out I found it difficult to find a route back in. Keeping up tempo is something I don’t always get right and it is an essential part of this deck. I’ll be taking those lessons into my games in the forthcoming Store Championship season.

I think the Amped Up is very situational and I would probably drop it and the Femme post MWL for some more money and an extra plascrete as I still think 24/7 Scorch and the like are going to be threats once the Most Wanted list hits.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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