The Stupendous Previewing (part 5 of many)

They’re coming out of the walls!!!!!

Eclectic Games: Bricks and Mortar/ Online Retailer.

Eldritch Essences: Errm. Yes. Ok then. Candles. Hex scented etc. Whatever that means.

Entropic Games: A relatively small outfit producing a Dystopian future style boardgame. Colour me interested.

Erdenstern: I’ve been wanting to use music and effects more in my games, but unfortunately find Roll20s video interface less than stable. These folks seem to produce a lot of different types of ambient music.

Ergo Sum Games: These folks had a massive stall at Expo last year so I should really try and give one or more of their games a go. Not sure anything they produce really grabs me but I will swing by and give some a shot. Always looking to be surprised.

Errant Sword Gaming: No link, nothing on the Googles. No idea.

Esdevium Games Ltd: THE distributor in the UK that many game shops do not seem to get on with at all. I would love to talk to someone from there about release dates for games and why they are always so fuzzy, but I can’t see that happening for a small fry like myself. I’ll take a shot all the same.

Extraordinary Art: Artist by the looks of it, but no link.

F-Side Games: A retailer of many games.

Fabryka Kart TREFL: I met these folks at Conpulsion and they were really nice with some awesome little sample packs to give away. Polish printer of games, but a bit more limited than some of the Chinese options. 

Fantasy Flight Games: A company that should need absolutely no introduction. I would imagine they are being represented by Esdevium at the con. Arkham Horror LCG is my current game of choice, it’s amazing, but I would love to try out their new minis game Runewars.

Fire Hazard Games: Alternate Reality based outfit, not of interest to me.

Firestorm Cards: Online retailer of minis and CCG style games.

Flip the Script: Small outfit with what looks like a Apples to Apples style game about making up film scripts on the fly.

Formal Ferret Games: I’m quite interested in the Networks, TV has always felt like a natural fit for an interesting boardgame. Will see if I can get a demo and report back, though I believe the game is relatively hard to pick up just now.

Format 15: Nope, no idea. No link and nothing from a google.

Gale Force Nine: A big company that produces a lot of TV tie in games, of actually pretty good quality. Firefly game is ok and I really want to try Star Trek: Ascendancy which looks like a lot of fun.

Game On: A crowdfunding platform I had never heard of. I think they produce french translations mostly.

Games Knight: Game cafe in Derby, I think. Hard to search for this.

Games Lore: Big Online retailer.

Games Workshop Ltd: Despite being one of the biggest mini games companies in the world, GW just don’t attend cons. That seems to have changed in the last year or so and that is a good thing. They seem to be going back to their roots with a lot of product and it will be interesting to see how their split with FFG will play out.

Games2mT: No idea, software company with no apparent gaming connection.

Gametee: Clothing company that produces nerd flavoured goods.

Gaming Books: Online retailer.

Gangly Games: A small outfit on the cusp of releasing their first game ‘Gangs of Brit. Sound right up my street.

GCT Studios: Not particularly interested in Bushido but their card game ‘Pioneers Program’ has some fantastic art which I like. I’ll see about getting in on that if they have it on display.

That’s quite enough for now, I’ll be doing about 3 of these a week from now on, which should see me done in about a month, couple of weeks before Expo. I’ll be doing a summary at the end with those I really want to go and visit and I have secured some review time with a few exhibitors already.

Really looking forward to expo!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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