The glittering previewing (part 6 of many)

Exhibitors. Thousands of em.

Geek Attitude Games: Website doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

Geek mod S.C.: Some tasty looking inserts and card holders, sort of thing I love. Will definitely give them a look see as it is a company I hadn’t heard of and I am always on the lookout for gaming bling.

Geeknson Ltd.: If only I could afford one of their tables, or had a room big enough to hold one comfortably. A man can dream.

Geeky Clean: Not only can you find gaming based candles at expo, but soaps, bath bombs etc. as well. I suppose this is a symptom of the hobby getting bigger which is good, but the cash in feels cheap.

Gen42 Products: Always fancied picking up a copy of Hive ad Army of Frogs is good. I’ll check in with them if I have time, but there are definitely one of the bigger, indie outfits.

Genki Gear: Nerdy clothing, plain and simple.

Gettown Games: A full contact take on dice based gaming? Sounds violent. I’ll give it a shot and tell you if I survive.

Gibsons: Publisher of children’s titles, might swing by briefly to pick up a present for friends.

Giovanni Franco: Not sure who this guy is, assuming an artist.

Green Board Games:  Games with an educational bent. Not really my cup of tea.

Grimlord Games: Publisher of two titles ‘Endure the Stars’ and ‘Village Attacks’. Former is a sci-fi adventure board game, later is a coop game where you play the monsters. I’ll add them to the list for now.

Grublin Games: The ‘Perfect Crime’ board game from these folks sounds right up my street and I’ve already been in touch to say I’ll come by and get some reviewing done.

Hall or Nothing: I love me a good pun name and I also love me some fantasy adventure games, of which I am still to play a really good one. I’ll see about getting to play ‘Gloom of Killforth’ which is an overblown title if ever I heard one. Love it.

Handycon: A twice a year con, that will no doubt be attracting exhibitors and folks at expo.

Happy Otter Games: A game about a magical college and one forthcoming about Ninja Snails? Colour me interested and slightly perplexed.

Harps Corporation Ltd: Some beautiful looking wooden accessories here. Been thinking about a dice tower style thing for a while.

Hawk Wargames: Purveyors of fine minis and wargames. I’ve played a bit of Dropzone Commander but nothing else from the Universe. Will drop by if I get time. You can always find their stall next to the humongous ship model.

Helion’s Art: Artist and Illustrator.

Herbertz Entertainment: A german outfit with some kind of global disaster game. Small outfit so on the list it goes.

Hiphops Cards: Beer card game. Check. Collectible? Hmm. Will check it out to see if there is something to it.

Hispa: Link is a dead end.

Honeysuckle Games: Small outfit with their first game coming to Kickstarter soon. Zombie Babies? Odd theme, I like it.

Hopwood Games: Some nice looking games from an independent outfit. On to the list they go.

And that’s us done with the Hs. Some interesting companies for me to visit in this list. Onwards to I and above!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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