The Magical Previewing (part 8 of many)

Never give up, never surrender.

Mage Company: One of the bigger outfits, so not really on my radar for this time out. I don’t really know their games very well so it would be nice to get something on their slate played if I find the time.

Magic Geek: I’m assuming this is exactly what it says on the tin though the link isn’t working properly at the moment.

Magic Madhouse: Another magic seller. It’s a popular game you know.

Magic Tournament: Not sure what this is about with no link and a hard google search, but probably more magic selling and organisation.

Magister Militum: Wargames company with a focus on history.

Mantic Games: An outfit that was filling the hole left by Games Workshop in a lot of categories, but I don’t know how they are fairing now Blood Bowl and the like is back on the scene. Kind of fancied Dungeon Saga, but the reviews weren’t great. Maybe give it a shot if I get the time.

Mayfair Games: One of the big outfits producing a wide range of games.

Medusa Games: I’ve seen this outfit around a couple of cons but not really looked at them very hard. Will put them on the list and see if I can’t get a game of Nine Worlds that was doing the rounds at last year’s con.

Meeples Corner: Online retailer.

Melsonian Arts Council: A slightly odd looking bunch of bits and pieces with an old school D&D bent.

Mercia Books: Publisher of young adult fiction with a sci-fi and fantasy bent. Not for me.

Metagames Inc: Not sure what this is about.

Mindclash Games: I don’t know a lot about this outfit, but Trickerion attracted my interest and Anachrony sounds interesting, even if the reviews have been mixed. Will add to the list.

Mind Dunes Entertainment: Some sort of digital animation company, seems like an odd fit for Expo.

Modern Horrors: A Top Trumps style game. Going to pass I’m afraid, just not interested.

Modiphius Entertainment: A growing force on the British gaming scene, Modiphius have a few big trademarks under their banner now including Star Trek for a new RPG outing. Would really like to give that a shot, but I don’t know if I will have any time for RPGs.

Monolith Board Games: Had a hugely succesful couple of kickstarters with Conan and Mythic Battles. Not sure they really need my help but would be interesting to have a go of their games.

Montidots Ltd.: Small press RPG scenario publisher.

Moosh Games: Indie publisher of some sort of 2 player deckbuilding game about competing greek states and mythology. Sounds right up my street.

Motley Sprue: I have no idea if there games are any good, but what a name! Definitely going on the list.

Mushroom Gaming: Another small outfit with a few games under their belt. On the list it goes. Superfy especially sounds interesting.

Mmmmh, that’s us done with that letter. Onwards to N, O and beyond!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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