Uk Games Expo 2018 – Preview Deux

Welcome to the March instalment of my Games Expo Preview, let’s dive straight in and see what has caught my eye this month.

Adversity Games

I’m a bit of a cyberpunk fan so Nightlancer has caught my eye. These folks have offered me the opportunity to get a review copy so I will probably not hit them up at the con, but if you want a Gibson inspired game then this might be for you.
Basically Wooden

My fellow Gloomhavers were nice enough to get me the insert from this outfit and it has proven extremely useful. I throughoughly recommend checking them out for some homegrown wooden storage goodness.

Czech Games Edition

I’ve really enjoyed the games put out by this publisher in the past and I’m pretty excited for the expansion to Adrenaline. I’m also looking forward to trying out Pulsar 2849 which looks like it would be up my street.

Drawlab Entertainment

I wasn’t a fan of Mystic Scrolls but their coin bling looks to be spot on and I quite fancy some to throw about in my games of Blades in the Dark.

Greater than Games

I’d really like to give Exoplanets a shot and my wife really likes a coffee so maybe Vivajava: The Dice Game might be up her street. Hope to get a look at this outfit.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Even if you are not a roleplayer you should stop by this stall and just fondle some of the books because James puts out some seriously sexy products. A lot of the content is NSFW as Lamentations is D&D through a METAL (throws up the horns) eye. Those books though.

Lucky Duck Games

I can’t really say how I feel about a boardgame that combines VR, apps and the traditional tabletop components. Yes I can, intrigued!
The City of Kings

I think I have probably found my adventuring baby in the form of Gloomhaven but City of Kings is still an intriguing prospect and looks absolutely gorgeous.

I think that will do us for this time out, I don’t want to pull out too many at a time. Hopefully you find something there to intrigue you and I’ll be doing another one of these next month and some summaries nearer the con once I decide the games I really want to check out.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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