Episode 22 – Talismanic Aftershocks


They’re back with a brand new invention, or at the very least a new cast. This week they steady themselves from the Aftershock of a cancelled KS, counter their pennies as CMON announces financial results and journey to the Outer Rim with FFG. Relaxing into RPG corner, we use our new widescreen TV to watch the Champion of the Wild and finally look at a very, very expensive games.
Aftershock Kickstarter Cancelled
Cmon Profit Update
FFG announces Outer Rim
ITB looking for summer intern
Talisman Lives
Sushi Roll
RPG Corner
Relics & Rarities
Call of Cthlhu Starter Set
WFRP Starter Set
Handiwork Games
What’s on TV?
Louis Vuitton expensive Jenga set
Executive Producers
Lucky Sparrow Games Cafe
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Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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