Episode 40 – Wrapping Up

Brainwaves HQ is undergoing a bit of a revamp in preparation for our awards show. With the news room inaccessible and construction everywhere Iain and Jamie do the cast themselves. On this show they cover world champions going away, Uno politics and boardgames in old age. Removing themselves to the crackling fire of RPG corner they cover a couple of recent announcements before looking back on the year for The Giant Brain. We hope you will pour yourself a glass and join us. 

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Go Champion retires

Uno has a political problem, apparently

Edinburgh led study looks at boardgames 

RPG Corner

The One Ring is cast into the flames

Chaosium sail the Rivers of London

The Year in Review

Uk Games Expo

Tabletop Scotland

Art Panel at Tabletop Scotland


Jamie and Peter’s pieces




Exec Producers

Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe


Monopoly but more

Barkham Horror April Fools becomes real

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Iain McAllister

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