Brainwaves 41 – Prognostic Thoughts

The Brainwaves studios are dusty, Jamie has been sleeping under a desk and there has been some confusion over who was booking the next guest. Luckily we have a spare intern lying around, Iain Chantler, who helps out on this cast and makes us both look like consummate unprofessionals. 

On our first Brainwaves of 2020 we cover FFG layoffs and cancellations, new DnD, Tabletop Art initiatives, small game, big games and pre-order systems. In our Brainstorm the team read the signs, chuck runes up in the air and look forward to 2020 and what it might bring to the hobby.

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FFG Layoffs and cancellations – Reddit RPG info

New D&D book announced… and Matt Mercer has to defend it

Geek Native Article

Critical Role

DMs Guild

Art of the Tabletop Initiative


More Games Please episode

Oath Kickstarter


Gibsons picks up Quirk

Emmerse Studios

AEG P3 Programme

Cosmic Encounter Duel

7 Wonders Duel


Kemet Blood & Sand

Return to Dark Tower Kickstarter

Dan Thurot

Owen Duffy

There Will Be Games

Dan Jolin

Matt Thrower

Critical Faculties article


Monopoly Llamas vs Unicorns

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