Episode 42 – Parting Ways

It’s week two of intern training and it’s Iain’s turn to get Iain behind the mic as Jamie is off doing….something. They start off by covering the latest developments at Monolith games and when Jamie eventually turns up, without coffee, all three of the team cover Kickstarter Boardgame finances, Mythic getting sued, Kickstarter Union updates, charity efforts by gamers, Warhammer 40k escape rooms and mainstream boardgames. In our Brainstorm we answer a question posed by a follower: What RPG would you recommend to a new DM and/or player?

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Beyond the Monolith  

The Kickstarter

Brainwaves Episode 36

Official statement from Monolith

Tabletop Tribe article

Boardgames on Kickstarter

Article Link

Pascal Bernard sues Mythic Games

The Kickstarter

Facebook Thread

Boardgamegeek thread 

Kickstarter Union update

Gamers band together to donate to Australian Fire relief funds

24 hour boardgame marathon

Auroch Digital gave all money from sales of their game On Mars to an animal charity

Reaper Minis put out some minis with all proceeds going to the relief funds

Facebook event for Edinburgh “Blob that ate everything event”

Orchard Toys in the money thanks to boardgames

Article Link

Warhammer 40k Escape Room

Link to Escapologic site



Blades in the Dark



Rowan, Rook and Decard


Monopoly goes back to the 80s

Article Link

Tabletop Scotland


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