Episode 43 – Executive Bell

Jamie is gone and Iain is hiding below the recording desk. No not that Iain, the other one. Checking up that their Patreon money isn’t going to frivolous expenditure, the Executive Producers turn up for a performance review and join the team behind the mics. This episode they cover notorious Kickstarter company Golden Bell, Wizards of the Coast setting up games studios, more awards, Archaeological finds and Iain takes his first trip to RPG corner which is definitely not filled with lizards. 

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Golden Bell Banned from Kickstarter 

People’s Court Case

WOTC establish Arkwright games studio

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As D’or

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Coronavirus shuts down factories

Boardgame piece found

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RPG Corner

RPG industry report from Roll 20

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Free League Workshop

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Thinking Cap

Unboxed Gaming Cafe

Southside gaming initiative


Monopoly: New version announced on Thursday

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Patreon Shoutouts

Exec Producers: Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe

A good read


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Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe

Lucky Sparrow Gaming Groups

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