Brainwaves 45 – Multiplayer Solitaire

Brainwaves HQ is a lonely place for Iain M to be on his own: Iain C is self isolating, and we’ve sent all the interns home for safety. Contemplating what to do next he is thankfully joined by Jamie who has returned from his walkabout, and a very special guest. Together they look at the impact Covid-19 has had on the boardgaming world before turning to news of companies splitting, awards being announced, and games companies reacting to counterfeiting. In Brainstorm we look at ways you can still engage with the Tabletop community online. 

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Coronavirus Impacts Tabletop World

Games Expo Moves to August

Tabletop Scotland moves to October

Asmodee USA is not releasing any new titles over April

Wizards suspends WPN

Brighton A&E staff use boardgame to practice managing overcrowded department


Plaid Hat Games Splits from Asmodee

Boardgame Crate Shutters

Calliope Games reduces distribution roster

Origins Awards nominees


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