Brainwaves Episode 46 – Non-Euclidean Coffee

The Team are all together in Brainwaves HQ and Iain C has made his way back from the non-euclidean geometry of the coffee machine. Joining Jamie and Iain M they dive into the news ocean once more to bring you the juiciest pearls. This week they cover the Far Verona cancellation, the passing of a TSR founder, CMON trading woes, Asmodee generosity, Z-Man on Pandemic and much, much more. Iain M has been busy putting together a new corner of the studio to help out those stuck at home with online gaming, and the team chat about the merits of Tabletop Simulator.

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Far Verona Cancellation

Reddit Post

Bell of Lost Souls Article

Elspeth Eastman Explainer Vid

Koebel Apology

Monte Cooke material

Brian J Blume dies

Cool Mini Or Not Stock Trading Suspended


Asmodee PnP

Asmodee hires GW Interactive Games licensing Manager

Gama launches search and help site

Z-Man on Pandemic.

Matt Leacocks’ oped

Z-Man announce Love Letter Sender

WOTC announces game store relief

Frosthaven KS 

At Home with Iain M

Tabletop Simulator Steam Page

Patreon Shoutouts

Lucky Sparrow Gaming Cafe

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