Brainwaves Episode 49 – Cancellation Crisis

Iain C is having some outside time in the Brainwaves garden, leaving Jamie and Iain M to get on with the business of the cast. This week we cover convention cancellations, Avengers’ board game night, BGG Geek Game store, Spartacus returning, Hot Zones for free and more. In Brainstorm we discuss the possibility of a silver lining to all the convention cancellations: are release schedules going to get a little more spread out? All this and more, in episode 49 of Brainwaves.

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Coronavirus cancels conventions

Uk Games Expo

Tabletop Scotland



Play boardgames with the Avengers

Boardgamegeek announce new geek store- Geek Game Shop


FFG takedowns follow up

Pandemic Hot Zone

Spartacus returns

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Breaking Bad Monopoly

The Child Monopoly

Godzilla Monopoly

Guardian article about DnD

James Wallis head of UK Games studio

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