Brainwaves Episode 51 – Troubling Origins

After the rose tinted glasses of episode 50 we put on the harsh specs of reality and dive into this week’s news in Brainwaves Episode 51. Together the team cover the cancellation of Origins Online, Wizards of the Coast banning cards and striving for diversity, Cards Against Humanity abuse allegations, Golden Bell tolling once more, Everything Board Games imploding and much, much more. 

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Origins Online Cancelled amidst mass walkout of guests over silence on American protests

Kotaku Article

Statement can be found on GAMA facebook page @TheGAMAOnline

Icv2 article

Eric Lang Statement

Wizards of the Coast bans Racist magic cards

Gatherer Database

Cards against Humanity under fire

Anitak Sarkeesian Article


Golden Bell Strike again

Episode 34 cast

Everything Board Games implodes

EBG Kickstarter

Diversity & Dungeons & Dragons

Kinderspiel announced

Itch bundle breaks $8million dollars 

Blades in the Dark Review

CMON does P&P Foodies

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