Idle Thoughts – August 2020

Welcome to Idle Thoughts our spin-off podcast where the team get together and talk about games they have played recently. This cast was formerly a patreon exclusive that we would occasionally share with the main feed, but it is now going to be a regular fixture of our release schedule. Patrons still get it early and extended, as we do for the Brainwaves cast. 

This is a recording of our opinions about a bunch of games that we played when we met up recently in Glasgow to actually play some games together. We cover Overstocked, Swatch, Biblios, Valley of the Kings, Letterpress and Root!

Going to try something a bit different for the show notes here. I’ll link to the companies for the KS games of course but for the ones that are actually out and you fancy buying we are providing Amazon Affiliate links (marked AL as usual). If you buy the game through one of these links we get a small cut. 

Podbean Link

Direct Download

Games that we talked about
Biblios (AL)
Valley of the Kings
I can only find these two on the current Amazon listings. We would recommend Afterlife if you just want to try it out. 
Afterlife (AL)
Deluxe (AL)
Letterpress (AL)
Yeah we wouldn’t recommend getting Root from Amazon, heard of counterfeits from there. You can get it direct from Leder Games site with a reprint coming pretty soon. 

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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