Brainwaves Episode 58 – Moldy Shamblers

The cast has hit 10000 downloads and Iain M is throwing a party! He does seem to have forgotten about having to record the cast though. The show must go on and the team wrangle karaoking interns out of the studio and get down to the business of recording cast 58. This time round they cover Origins Awards, Magic meets the Walking Dead, Covid impact on Scottish stores, new crowdfunding sites and much more. Iain M has been hard at work in the basement on his latest news gathering invention, the Rumor Mill. What nuggets has he managed to sift from the detritus of the internet? Listen to Brainwaves Episode 58 to find out.

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Origins Awards announce winners

Magic the Gathering/ Walking Dead crossover

Scottish stores hit by Covid 19

Rumour Mill

Battlestar Galactica Returns


Update: Heroquest available in UK

Folklore KS hit by Mold

Steam to host digital Tabletop Games festival in October

Scandal in Chess World

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