Brainwaves Episode 72 – Art Attack

Iain has gotten Ben Porter from the Unlucky Frog round for some painting and decorating, but has rather misunderstood what sort of thing Ben paints. He joins the team to discuss the latest news including Wizards of the Coast looking at NFTs, Christian T Petersen buying up Fantasy Flight property, Games Workshop Supply issues, pokemon cards and much more. In our interview with Ben we look at the world of commission miniature painting and what brought Ben to setup his own business. 

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RIP Robin Wood

Wotc makes up 75% of Hasbro

Christian T Petersen Company buys Fantasy Flight Games Centre


Games Workshop hit by supply issues

Monster Hunter World Board game cuts in retailers

Pokemon Finance news is back

Vampire RPG gets TV series


Jamie who did Ben’s new logo

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Shaun Newan

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Metallic Dice Games



DBZ Cluedo

Unlucky Frog

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