Brainwaves Episode 85 – Power Down

Iain catches Jamie freelancing in the Brainwaves Studio for a very odd charity. With the matter resolved they turn their attention to the news in a fortnight of more bad tidings from China, Unions getting recognized, and Awards coming to fruition. All this, and more, on episode 85 of Brainwaves. 

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Power shortages in china

Paizo recognises Union

Zenobia Awards


Mayfair games up to old tricks


Hasbro’s Magic numbers

Environmentally conscious packaging

Martin Wallace joins the old white guys club – the part we are referring to starts aroun 32:45.

DnD play cancelled because homophobes

Pokemon, the dark desire

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James Naylor

Shaun Newan

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Queen Monopoly

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  1. Glenn Ford says:

    The link listed as to do with power shortages in China is, in fact, a link to the Isle of Cats Kickstarter.

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