Brainwaves Episode 93 – World Events

In these turbulent times the tabletop community is showing their generosity and Iain and Jamie are highlighting as much of those efforts as they can in this episode of Brainwaves. From the conflict in Ukraine to the battle over trans rights in Texas many in the community are raising money for organisations supporting people in their hour of need. 

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Statement on Ukraine

We will list here organisations you can donate to that we are aware of. There will be many others.


Tabletop Community reaction to Ukraine

Bruno Cathala

Stonemaier Games


Handiwork Games

Portal Games


Dicebreaker info

Factory 42

Itch bundle being organised

Trans kids texas support

As D’Or (Golden Ace)


Cardboard Edison Awards Finalists announced


Most expensive pokemon card ever

Kickstarter numbers for 2021

Roll20 new ceo and numbers

ORR report for Q4 2021

Analyst Calls for Wizards of the Coast to split from Hasbro

Patreon Shoutouts

James Naylor

Shaun Newan

Our Patreon

Support Us

Metallic Dice Games


Tabletop scotland


Wingspan on Coronation Street

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