Brainwaves Episode 98 – Contagious Conventions

Iain’s been stocking up on infinite mugs to get ready for the big 100th and the builders are in to rearrange the non-euclidean geometry to accept beings of a celestial nature. Seeking refuge in the Studio Jamie and Iain cover the latest in tabletop news: GAMA membership problems, UK Games Expo Covid Policy (or lack thereof), Accessibility, Unions, Awards, and much more from across the tabletop industry on this episode of Brainwaves.

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Gama Membership controversy

Rodney’s original Tweet

Tiffany Leigh was keeping track of developments

Jon Del Arroz N Word tweet

A list of Jon Del Arroz’s behaviour

Games Expo Covid Communications

Asmodee accessibility studio


Paizo Union go to White House

Card Kingdom Union officially asks

Golden Geek Awards announced


Reproductive Justice Bundle

Death over stolen Pokemon

Magic Secret Lair celebrating Pride Blocked in some regions

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Shaun Newan

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Sir Meeple


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