Brainwaves Episode 100 – Centenary Special

It’s the 100th Brainwaves Episode! In a very special live show Iain and Jamie welcome back Sam who has been hiding in the walls/ another dimension. They are joined by the interview legend that is Richard Simpson from We’re Not Wizards. Together they dive into the  murky waters of the latest tabletop news including the Jamison Stone controversy, Cake IP issues, dodgy funding, worth causes, and much more. When the news is all dealt with Richard takes over to interview the original Brainwaves team and ask questions on behalf of our audience. 

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Jamison Stone Accusations

Great British Bake Off IP issues

Iain mentions this KS which is not a fever dream

Saudi Arabia invests in Embracer


Hasbro fights back against activist Investor

UK Games Expo Numbers

Bundle for Buffalo

Funforge comes off crowdfunding

Patreon Shoutouts

James Naylor

Shaun Newan

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Metallic Dice Games



Fluid physics of Cardboard boxes

Card game proposal

Monopoly vote

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