On The Table – May 2022

As June comes to a close let’s have a look back at what I played in May. As with previous articles I am going to link all the games alphabetically, provide a BGG link, and a link to my review of the game if relevant. I’ll also indicate if I played the game in real life or via BGA or equivalent.

Backgammon (BGA)

The classic two player game that I haven’t engaged with since my maths teacher taught me how to play in Tain Royal Academy. I’d sort of forgotten how interesting a game it is and I’ll definitely be adding it to me 2 player rotation.

BGG Link

Forgotten Waters

I’d be the first to admit that there isn’t a lot of ‘game’ in Forgotten Waters, but as a cooperative, narrative experience its really good fun. The app narrations is fantastic, if a bit hammy, and the emergent story alongside the explicit narrative makes it really shin.

BGG Link

Great Western Trail(BGA)

Another of the big German school games that I’ve never played. I did bad but BA really lets you push the buttons to figure out how things work. Would give another go, but it did feel a bit dry to me.

BGG Link

Forgotten Waters in play
If you don’t say ARRRRR once, are you even playing a pirate game?

King of Tokyo

One of the games that got me into the modern expression of the hobby. I’ll always have time for its chunky yahtzee style play, odd powers, and colourful monsters. I played one game in May withe my friends and their kid. It was a fun challenge helping him learn the game. He did seem to possess powers to control the dice!


BGG Link

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

A new purchase for me which was among a little flurry of acquisitions recently. I really like this one so far. Simple to teach, though I did produce a teaching guide for it, difficult to parse all the options (in a good way) and beautifully presented. I want to give it a little more of a shake before passing proper critical opinion on it.

BGG Link

Patchwork (BGA)

Showed this to Jamie on BGA. Good interface for it and the game remains superb.


BGG Link

Quoridor (BGA)

Jamie’s turn to show me a two player game. I owned this at one point but never played it. It’s a real good abstract. Doesn’t quite have that zing that I want from something with the classic feel but a solid game for sure.

BGG Link


A multiplayer game of this after the 2-player back in April. It’s a good, solid title with an easy teach, and deceptive depth. Need more plays before I decide if it is a keeper or not.

BGG Link

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