Anticipating Airecon

I am attending Airecon as a punter this year. I have not been given, nor did I ask for, a press pass. 

It’s been a long time coming, but I am finally headed to Airecon in a week time. Way back in 2020 Iain Chantler and I were planning to head down. Then there was all this news about a strange virus, and although the convention went ahead, Iain and I chose to give it a miss. Well 3 years later is better than never! 

Now I am not officially going as ‘press’ but of course I can’t help myself writing about the thing I love doing. Without further ado here are the exhibitors that have caught my eye and the things I am looking forward to. 


I don’t really know this company at all, and one of the main reasons I go to conventions is to meet new people and see new games! Always good to make a new contact as a reviewer as well. 

Beyond Cataclysm

I want to check out the Inferno 5th edition game that adapts Dante’s Inferno to a role-playing setting. Don’t think I’ll pick it up but I am intrigued as I didn’t realise it was available in English, original is Italian I believe.

Dice Sport

I didn’t realise there was a UK based high end prototyper! Definitely want to see if I can get an interview either at the con or in the future. 

Eurydice Games

I interviewed the folks behind Eurydice games very recently and have had a chance to play Flickfleet in the past. The chances of me walking away with a bunch of laser cut ships to flick around seems pretty high! 


I interviewed the boss of Hachette UK, Flavien Loisier, in December of last year. I’d run into him at Tabletop Scotland, and was impressed by this up and coming distributor making such a big impact so quickly. Looking forward to catching up with him! 

Geeky Meeples

I’ve seen these folks talking up their game organisation solutions in a few places. I’ll be interested to see them for myself and chat to them about using 3D printing to produce items for sale. 

Hall or Nothing

Hall or Nothing reached out to me in the lockdown years about reviewing games. I didn’t have the time to take on new reviews at the time so I was hoping to make contact with them again and see about getting some games for review. They have been making great waves in the last few years with some really interesting looking games. 


A big company that I’ve not really had any contact with who produce a wide range of games and escape room at home style products. Lacrimosa has been getting some big noise around it in the last few months as has Bitoku. 

Play for Keeps 

It will be good to catch up with these folks. I previewed Overstock a long time ago and I am yet to see the finished product. Have to see what they are getting up to these days.

Radical 8

Another company I haven’t had any contact with since I did a preview for Die of the Dead. They’ve since produced an expansion for that game and another game called Damask. 

Ralph Horsley 

A great artist who works on Magic: The Gathering amongst many other projects. Usually has a lot of awesome items for sale. 

Yay Games

Just interviewed Andrew and it will be lovely to catch up in person. They produce lots of family friendly, interesting games that I urge you to check out. 

What I look like

If you don’t know what I look like and want to seek me out for a game or chat then find this mug

Iain's portrait
Growing old disgracefully

While I am at the con you can contact me through Twitter, Discord, or Facebook.

What I’ll be up to

Airecon is a play focused convention which means that although there are plenty of exhibitors the actual aim of most folk going will be to just sit and play games with fellow enthusiasts all weekend. I am really looking forward to that! 

I’ve got a few things lined up but want to keep my schedule fairly free so I can just do whatever I want to.


Hoping to be down to the con by around 3pm then I’ll find my way around a bit. There is a beer tasting event at Major Tom’s Social I’ll be heading to early evening. The convention is open till 11pm so maybe some late night games as well. 


Things will kick off properly here. I’ve left my morning totally open so I can look at exhibitors, get a feel for the centre and meet up with folk for some games. Really looking forward to seeing lots of people I know through online, and maybe a listener or two! 

Afternoon I’ve got a game of the War of the Ring the card game lined up as well as a game of Scythe. Pub Quiz is in the evening which I will no doubt participate in. 


Only got one game booked on this day and that is a teach of my favourite co-op board game Spirit Island. I’ll be looking to pick up some games early afternoon then head to the charity raffle before dinner and more games. It’s a hard life. 


I have absolutely nothing planned for the Sunday. I’ll likely be heading off early afternoon to be home in time for dinner, about a 4 hour drive back to Edinburgh. Before then I’ll hope to get a few more games in, do some shopping, and bid farewell to friends old and new. 

I am really looking forward to a much needed break at Airecon and I hope I get to meet some of the readers of the site and listeners of the cast. I’ll be writing up a summary of each day and posting those over the course of the con. You will be able to find all that through the Airecon tag and on the front page. If you see me about, don’t hesitate to come up and say hello. See you all soon!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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