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Tim Clare has had a varied career. Poet, writer, podcaster, writing course designer and teacher, tabletop critic and podcaster. His podcast “Death of 1000 cuts” is a fascinating insight into writers and writing. I first came across Tim through his writing boot camps and he is a guest I’ve been looking forward to getting on the show. 

Having previously worked in fiction with “The Honours” and “The Ice House”, Tim has recently turned his attention to the world of non-fiction and subject of Anxiety. His most recent work is called ‘Coward: Why we get Anxious and what we can do about it. To talk about that and his love of the tabletop hobby I invited Tim along to the GB HQ for a chat. 

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Subjects Mentioned
Coward: Why we get anxious and what we can do about it
UK Games Expo
Walking in Burano (Roll & Write)
Festival of 1000 cats
Dracula Dossier
Jacob Geller
Rhystic Studies
Martin Lotze Episode of death of 1000 cuts
Project Nisei – Now called Null Signal Games
Tim’s Twitter
Death of 1000 cuts podcast/ webpage

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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