Colt Express – First Thoughts

Saddle up pardner cause yer going to be in for a bumpy…..yeah that’s enough of that. Colt express is a game of train robbers in the wild west. Each of you takes a different role be it the southern belle, bandito, gunslinger or one of the others I can’t rememeber at the moment.
The main feature of the game is an awesome little cardboard train that your characters, represented by a meeple, move along robbing, shooting and punching as they go. The main thrust of the action happens from the deck of cards you each have. At the start of each turn you draw cards from this deck and then an event card tells you all how many cards from that hand you are going to play this turn, in which order you will take your turns and whether or not they will be played face up or down.
The game is primarily about programming a series of actions into your character and then seeing if they come off as others interfere, deliberately or no. The game I played was just a short demo but it was a nice example of this kind of mechanic and the special ability that each character has lends a nice bit of variety to each player without raising the complexity level.
Colt Express is a light game for sure but fun, engaging and beautifully presented.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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