The Adventurous Previewing (part 9 of many)

We’re going to need exhibitors. Lots of exhibitors.

Nine Dragons RPG Ltd.: Small Press RPG outfit with a martial arts theme.

North and South Games: Independent publisher with some rather nice looking presentation on their games.

Northumbria Games: Bricks & Mortar store.

NSKN Games: A mid size outfit that has really increased their output in the last few years. Really want to give Mistfall a go as I’ve been thinking about adding it to my collection. I’ll hopefully get the chance but they are not high on my list from a review standpoint.

Oathsworn Miniatures: Publishers of a rather cute looking miniatures game called ‘Burrows and Badgers’. Producing pewter miniatures as well.

Omni Geneius: Publisher of some family orientated games, but I am not sure what each game is about as the descriptions are not great. This will not be high up on my list as it’s not the sort of thing I want to review.

One Free Elephant: A local outfit that have recently kickstarted their first game Ore-Some, you can read my review here, They are close to kickstarting Carcosa, a tile laying game of cultists and Lovecraftian cities.

Original Content London: Missed a chance to play this last year, their stand was awesome and I love the idea of the t-shirt board.

Osprey Games: I picked up Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space last year, and although it didn’t set my world alight, it’s a beautifully produced game. Agamemnon is meant to be excellent and I would like to check out a couple of their other games.  They are medium size so they won’t be a high priority for this time out.

Paizo Publishing: A big RPG outfit that is the home of all things Pathfinder. I’ve never played Pathfinder, and I am not sure I ever will. Much more into my indie RPGs and lighter rules systems, though I am playing Shadowrun at the moment for my sins.

Paolo Greco: Small press publisher of old school rpgs.

Patriot Games: Big retailer with locations in Sheffield and Leeds. Their custom mat printing service is excellent.

Pegasus Spiele GMBH: German publisher of a variety of games who are going to have massive versions of some of their products at the con. The link is direct to what they are doing at Expo. Pretty big player so not high up on my list.

Phalanx: A polish outfit that kickstarted a game called Hannibal earlier in the year: two player wargame based on the historical figure. Not really my sort of thing.

Plastic Soldier Company Ltd.: Shockingly enough this is a retailer with a historical wargame focus. Who knew? A fast playing game with a Jungle Speedy kind of vibe. Not 100% my kind of thing but I do like Jungle Speed. I’ll see if I get a chance to swing by the stall.

Play with History: A series of games inspired by old historical games. Always interesting to see early board games revived.

Playtest UK: A great resource if you are looking to design your own game. They run a playtest track and offer advice on all manner of things regarding publishing and designing games.

Pokemon Regional: There is a pokemon regional happening. Move along.

Pony Pony Pony: Purveyor of jewellery. Seems like an odd fit for the con, but who knows.

Portal Games: Just picked up my first game from these folks in the form of Cry Havoc and it is really good. Hope to get a trial of their Mars based game and maybe Crazy Carts if I get a chance.

Princess Potato Jewels: Not a clue what this is about.

Prodos Games: Publishers of the AVP miniatuers game and the upcoming Mutant Chronicles minis game.

N-P out of the way and a couple of publishers added to my list. Onwards and upwards as the end is finally in sight.


Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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