Uk Games Expo – The Previewing (part 1 of many)

I am going to Uk Games Expo this year, aren’t you? It’s awesome, you should go and fill yourself with delicious food, beverages and maybe even sneak in a game or two.

This year I am going along as a member of the press. I know. Fancy. Anyway, I thought I should start looking at who I want to go and speak to whilst I am there and so I am going to have a look, line by line, at the exhibitor list and pick out the things that really catch my eye. I’ll probably linger over a couple of local designers who come along to my playtest group, but I’ll highlight those folks as I go. I’ll be doing this over the next few weeks as there are quite a lot to get through.

You can find the full list of exhibitors here, but I am just going to start at the top left of that page and work my way down. Let’s go! games: An Estonian publisher, and definitely one I will be checking out as how often am I going to get meet folks from that neck of the woods? Ok the games don’t seem entirely up my street, but I will at least pop by and give one or two a shot. Always looking to be surprised. Roundhouse Kick looks most likely to charm me, but they do have a game about puppies!

3D Total Games: These folks seem to have been around since about 2014 and I recognise a couple of the titles. Quite intrigued by Wizard’s Academy and they have a good amount of articles on their site about the design process, which I always like. SATW sounds interesting as well, and the art for both these projects is really good.

4Ground Ltd: Some nice scenery guys, but not the sort of thing that I review on the blog. Might swing buy and snap some pics all the same. I have a few friends into their mini gaming more than I am.

A-Muse-Ment: Your guess is as good as mine folks. No link from the Expo site and nothing thrown up by a brief google. I’ll come back and update this entry if anything more appears between now and then.

A1 Comics: A retailer of toys and comics, not something for the blog.

Absolute Dice: Not too sure what the games are about but they sure do feature a lot of dice.

Adversity Games: A cyperpunk competitive board game you say? Colour me interested. Sounds like an outfit that are previewing at Expo before going to Kickstarter.

Agent November: A real world puzzle game style thing, not really my cup of tea.

Airecon: I’ve heard good things about this Harrogate based con, but not something I need to look at for the blog unless I can get there next year.

Alphetar Games: Publishes d100 rpg supplements. Not the kind of RPG I am into anymore.

All Rolled Up: I should maybe review this at some point, as I’ve had one for a couple of years. Fantastic accessory and you can really pimp yours out with all sorts of bits and pieces. I would urge you to check them out!

Alley Cat Games: My science background definitely compels me to check out Lab Wars from this outfit.

Altitude Managent Ltd: No idea what is going on here, website may be updated soon.

Andree Schneider: Artist

Arcane Wonders: Decent sized publisher of the Dice Tower Essentials line and Mage Wars. I’ll swing by if I have time as I’ve never actually played Mage Wars and it seems intriguing. Bigger outfit, so not high up on the list.

Right that is the first 3 lines out of the way. There are a lot of publishers this year and hopefully I’ll be able to highlight some that you may miss if you aren’t going to the con.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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