UK Games Expo 2019 – Enter the Previewing

Games Expo approaches and it is about time that I pulled out my spyglass and looked over the hundreds of approaching exhibitors, only letting the most tantalising games through the castle gates.

There are so many exhibitors this year that it is really hard to know where to begin and I have gotten off the start line a little late. Over the next month in the run up to the con I’ll be bringing to light as much as I can that I think you should check out starting with this first pass over the exhibitor list.

Blue Donut Studios

I was a big fan of the Tony Hawk Skateboarding games during my student days and if the Line board game from this outfit can replicate any of that feeling I’ll definitely be picking up a copy.

Call to Mind

Would love to meet up with this studio and chat to them about this game. The studies that show gaming is good for mental faculties in old age and especially under the ravages of Dementia have made for fascinating reading. To see a game that specifically is meant to help with this is great and something I would love to feature on a future podcast.

Czech Games Edition

I really, really like the sound of Sanctum, the new Diablo inspired game from this excellent studio. I also need to sit down with the man himself Paul Grogan from Gaming Rules and talk demos (I hope he can show me his style over a demo at some point during the con).

East Street Games

I hadn’t come across this company before but I like the sound of both Robot Royale and Mob Sitters. One of the lovely things about Expo, and events like it, is getting to meet companies that you haven’t heard of before. Although I do a ton of research beforehand I still like to wander the hall and maybe have my eye caught by the unexpected.

ET Games

Some lovely wooden games by what seems to be a UK company. Who doesn’t like some nice wood.

Free League Publishing

I’ve had my eye on Tales from the Loop and Tales from the Flood for a while and it would be good to dip into a new roleplaying game. Hopefully there might be a good deal at the show!

Grizzly Games

What’s not to like about a game called Home on LaGrange? I am going to find out!

Lucky Duck Games

This company has a had a lot of success with translating computer games to board games and I am really interested in Kingdom Rush and Chronicles of Crime.

Room 17 Games

The Tenfold Dungeon looks like absolute genius! Hoping to get my hands on a set to at least have a look at. I would have backed the recent KS if I wasn’t on a bit of a saving kick.

Smirk and Laughter

The Unlucky Frog are raving about Koi from this outfit so I hope to get the chance to give it a fair shake. Before there were Stars looks gorgeous as well.

The City of Games

This company has been on a meteoric rise over the last couple of years and I am sorry to say I haven’t had a chance to play any of their games. I hope to change that this year!

Toon Hammer

I’ve got a booking to go and check out Arkosa from this company. The art style really peaked my interest and I am all for seeing something a little bit different.

Wren Games

Another UK company I haven’t had the chance to make contact with. Assembly looks really interesting and might even be something my wife and I can play together. Looking forward to checking it out.




Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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