Uk Games Expo – The Previewing (part 2 of many)

You didn’t think we were finished did you. We haven’t even gotten through the As yet. Without further ado let’s dive back in to the Great PREVIEWING!!!!!!

Artipia Games: I don’t really recognise the name but I’ve been interested in Dice City for a while and they have a bunch of other interesting looking titles.  I won’t be prioritising them over the smaller folks, but I will hopefully get round to them.

Asmodee: I can’t help you if you need introduction to this company. They own, well not everyone, but it’s going that way. I would be very interested in speaking to someone from them with regards to release dates and distribution as I find the subject kind of fascinating. I’ll see if I can get an interview, but making no promises.

Backspindle Games: Finally we are put of the As and into other letters. I have just realised that I have never reviewed Codinca, which I picked up at Expo last year. Great little abstract with a beautiful presentation. Luchador Dice is good as well.

Badcat Games: The first of the local outfits, but I haven’t played their game Elemenz, kept missing them at the local playtest groups. They are back on Kickstarter come May and should be showing off their dice battling game at the show! Also had a really cool looking Gladitorial game at a recent playtest I would be keen to get a shot of. Hopefully swing by them and play some games, funny to go all that way to finally meet them properly!

Basically Wooden: This outfit makes some seriously attractive storage solutions that I would love to be able to afford all of. Really quite fond of the dice towers. Maybe I’ll stretch to one this time.

Battle Systems: I love this stuff, but just don’t have anywhere to put it all. Hopefully swing by for some piccies at the least.

Battlefield Hobbies: Retailer

Battlefoam: Great stuff but I just don’t play mini games much anymore.

Bazaar Broz: Very interested in hand crafted, small run games as it is a route I am thinking of going myself for some games.

Beanie Games: Retailer

Beyond Tabletop Games: That is a very odd looking product. Awesome, will definitely check it out.

Big Imagination Games: A small outfit with their first game out at Expo. Right up my street and an animal themed game to boot.

Big Potato: I saw these guys at last year’s expo and for some reason dismissed them as not very interesting, my mistake. They were lovely enough to give some games to my local games cafe and I’ve only played one so far, but I was impressed. They have a real sense of fun about their presentation and I hope to play a few more of their games either here or at the con itself.

Board and Dice: A polish outfit that recently kickstarted the Superhot card game, a computer game I am really keen to check out, Exoplanets also looks cute

Boardgame Extras and Boardgame Guru: both excellent retailers that I have used from time to time.

Bomber: Not entirely sure what this game is ‘Four Elements’. Looks to be manual dexterity? I’ll check it out and report back. Looks like a small outfit so definitely on the list.

Brain Games: Ice Cool had a massive stand at last year’s expo but I just never got round to getting a game in. I quite like a good dexterity game so will see about getting a play in this year alongside any of their new product.

Braincrack Games: A small outfit that just finished off a Kickstarter for mined out. I haven’t played any of their games but I’ve had some back and forth with Lewis via various facebook groups. Adding them to the list to visit.

Bug-Off: I’ll update if something goes live before Expo.

Almost at the end of the Bs and we will get through a few more lines next time on the great PREVIEWING!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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