UK Games Expo – The Great Previewing (part 3 of many)

Hold your breath folks, we are diving back in!

Burley Games Limited: A UK company I haven’t heard of and it sounds like they do tours of Universities talking about game design and showing off their ideas. Interesting, adding to the list.

Burning Games SCP: Creators of the Faith RPG which I believe uses cards to resolve actions. I’m a big fan of Deadlands so may see if I can check this out, probably won’t have time for much in the way of RPG sessions at the con though.

Bushiroad: Shop for anime style card games.

Cardboard and Coffee Games: No idea what this is

Cards on the Table Games: I’m not really one for quiz games especially ones claiming to be the Ultimate Quiz game. Consider my sceptical eyebrow firmly raised.

Carmik Games: I’m always up for a bit of piratical action so I’ll see about reviewing this outfit’s game ‘High Seas Pirates’.

Cartesian Creations: Making shiny accessories for your board and card games. I’ll certainly give them a look to see if there is anything that tickles the fancy.

Catan Studio: Do you like Catan, they have Catan. A lot of it.

CCG and Boardgame Social: Retailer

CGE: Czech Games Edition are one of the smaller companies out there but they produce some fine games. I am itching to try out Adrenaline so I’ll maybe see about getting a bit of a sit down with them. Love me some Galaxy Trucker!

Chaos Cards: Big online retailer on the cusp of opening a bricks and mortar store.

Chaosium Inc: I’ve not been covering much in the way of RPGs on this blog, but I do have some thoughts on my Shadowrun game and you’ll have noticed the occasional Blades post, it’s great. CoC is one of those games I have rarely played, and never run but would like to given it’s place in the history of the hobby.

Cloud Island: Not entirely sure what this is all about as the link goes to a different game. I’ll come back to this one closer to the time I hope.

Code Orange Games: A quite cool looking post apocalyptic minis game, but I just don’t have the time to play such things.

Cog ‘o’ Two: I do love me some gaming bling so I should give this a wide berth. Hmm, wonder if they have anything Arkham LCG appropriate. My poor wallet.

Coiled Spring Games:  A kid and family friendly gaming outfit. Might check out Happy Salmon and maybe a present for friends who have kids.

Colour Guards: Nope, no idea. Nothing on a google search, will jot down to come back to later.

Cosy Dice: Dice bags for all ages and occasions.

Creativity Hub: Rory’s story cubes folks and I believe they are working on a game using those as well. Might be worth a wee nosey around.

Crooked Dice Games: A miniatures outfit with a lot of retro TV and film themes. Pretty cool.

Cthulhu Bowls: Because even the Great Old Ones enjoy breakfast? Nope, no idea.

Cube: A polish outfit with a whole passel of games I’ve never heard of. Good opportunity to check them out.

Cubicle 7: A couple of friends work for this fine RPG outfit and I am interested in their upcoming Mythos RPG ‘The Unspeakable Sigil and Sign’. I’ll be swinging by to catch up with folk for sure.

Cubiko: Sounds like a very small outfit handmaking games. Interesting.

CYW Printing and Packaging: Production side of the industry.

Phew, that is us at the end of the Cs and my list of companies to visit grows ever onwards. Will probably have to prune some names off it by the end of all this but I’ll do my best to get round as many as possible.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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