UK Games Expo – The Scottish Are Coming

Being a fully fledged Scotsman myself, well my parents are Irish but I hope you won’t hold that against me, I consider it my duty to draw your attention to the many companies and designers from North of the Border that are coming to invade UK Games Expo. With Irn-Bru in hand and Haggis walking alongside us, we will endeavour to show you the best in Scottish design and hospitality. Let’s go.

A1 Games

Owners of Static Games in Glasgow and various toy shops across Scotland. Static Games has been a staple of the Glaswegian gaming scene for many years.

Bad Cat Games

They’ve recently delivered on their Elemenz campaign and have Gladiatores to show off at Expo. I am really interested in the latter as I got a taste at Dragonmeet and now I am ready for the whole pie. Looking forward to previewing it properly at the con.

Cardboard and Coffee

Keith has been working on Nuts and Bots for a while now and although he won’t have his own stand this year you can find him working for One Free Elephant and doing some playtesting during the con at the Playtest UK zone.


Probably the ones I am most curious about as I had not head of them until now. I really need to get over the Dundee side of the country as there seems to be a vibrant little scene that neck of the woods.

Dream Big Games

Mark is a true warrior and is heading back to Kickstarter soon with the excellent Wreck and Ruin. Go and give it a shot at the expo and pledge there and then. You know it makes sense.

Inspiring Games

I previewed Legends Untold very early on in the genesis of this version of the site. It’s a fun RPG in a box that has had a load of artistic and mechanical tweaks and overhauls since I last played it. Looking forward to catching up with this group at the con and trying the game out properly.

One Free Elephant

Sarah and Nigel have been great supporters of the local playtest group I run and have managed two successful Kickstarter campaigns for Ore-Some and Carcosa. I’ve played their new game Microbrew, and I think it’s their best yet. Give them some love, they deserve it.

I believe that is all of the Scottish based companies that are coming down but myself and the Unlucky Frog Gaming Podcast will also be about doing the media thing. Meeples Like Us are also down and run a seminar about accesibility. I think some of the folks from Ellerium Games in Inverness are going to be down, no doubt checking out games to stock in their shop. Really looking forward to it and I’ll be putting up my final hitlist of things I really want to see sometime next week.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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