UK Games Expo – The fantastic Previewing (part 4 of many)

My’s full of exhibitors

D101 Games: purveyors of many RPG delights, I know the guys who run this a little. Not something I’ll be reviewing this time round.

Danish Brain Games: Noughts and Crosses turned all the way up to 11? On to the list you go.

Dark Ops: Some pretty sexy scenery, but not really in my interests for this time out.

Daruma Productions: Miniatures for the SLA tabletop game and some nice bags and clothing.

Days of Wonder: Huge publisher of some beautiful games, big fan of Smallworld myself. I’ll probably end up playing some of their games over the course of the con but they are a bit large for the blog.

Deep Cut Studios: These guys produce some luxurious gaming mats. Give them a try if you are after something for battling on.

Devil Pig Games: A reasonable sized outfit behind the Heroes of Normandie game. I’ll probably swing by and check them out.

Devir Iberiea: The link doesn’t go anywhere, so not sure what this is about.

Dice Sports: I clocked these guys last year and the idea of a comic tied into a wargame is kind of interesting. I’ll try and swing by for a demo this year but since it is a miniature kind of thing it will be far down the list.

Dicing on the Cake: Online retailer looking to fund a bricks and mortar.

District 31: I previewed Ember before it’s Kickstarter and thought it was ok. I’ll swing by the stand and see if there are anything new coming out from them.

Dized: The idea of a universal platform for rulebooks and instructional video is interesting, but I have suspicion that the logisitics of getting loads of companies on board, or even doing it yourself, but make this project impossible.

DMB Games: A small outfit producing accessories for roleplaying games.

DNDice: Shiny metal dice and accessories.

Dog Eared Games: I’ve heard bits and pieces about Stakbots but never had a chance to play it. Think I’ll add this one to the list and see if I can get a demo or two.

Dongguan BaYaYa Ltd: Another board game manufacturer. Lot more of these this year.

DungeonCraft: A small oufit releasing their own system. RPG related so not a priority for me.

Dust 1947: These are the guys who picked up the Dust Tactics system after FFG dropped it. Was always interested in giving it a go but I doubt I will have time.

That’s us at the end of the D’s. A quick update on Cardboard and Coffee games. This is a local outfit who has a neat tile placement game I’ve playtested and written about a few times. Check them out.

Phew, this is a long list of exhibitors, and I sort of wish I hadn’t started. It is proving useful to narrow down the folks I want to go and see, so let’s continue. Next time on the Previewing E and onwards!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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