UK Games Expo 2019 – Back to the Previewing

The clock is really running down to Expo now and if we don’t ramp this up to 88mph we are never going to get anywhere. I finally dived into the Tabletop Together Tool over the weekend and I have to say it is really rather good. A list of all the games that are going to be available to demo or buy at the con and you can make notes, prioritise them, along with the location of each company. Great stuff folks! You can find the link to my own list below. I’ll be updating this over the course of the next few weeks as we approach the con.

Iain’s Tabletop Together List

Board & Dice

We reviewed the rather excellent 5 Minute Chase on one of the casts last year and since then this company has gone from strength to strength, joining forces with NSKN and putting a whole slew of new games out this year. I am really intrigued by World Shapers and Dust in the Wings. I would also really like to try out Teotihuacan. The later is a game way outside of my comfort zone but Jamie will likely love it. As a reviewer I think it is important to seek out games that challenge your perceptions of certain game types.

Floodgate Games

Bosk looks absolutely gorgeous, I love Photosynthesis, and they also are the makers of the equally gorgeous Sagrada. I do have Roll Player in my collection, which I adore, but always willing to give another dice placement game a look.

Hub Games

This is an outfit with such a variety of games it really bowls me over. They released Holding On: The Troubled Life Of Billy Kerr at last year’s show, and although I haven’t played it more than that I was really impressed by them attempting such an interesting subject matter. This year they are showing off the rather intriguing looking Megacity Oceania with lots of lovely laser cut pieces. Hoping to get a game of this one.

Nuts Publishing

I love roguelite/roguelike games (spent way too much time playing Rogue Legacy and Risk of Rain). A game called Rogue that does that in a small footprint from an Indie company? Sold.

Portal Games

I’ve not really played much from Portal Games at all and although I don’t think Monolith Arena would make its way into my collection, I would like to try it out all the same. Much as I want to try out Detective as well I don’t think I’ll be able to get a short demo of that one.

Triple Ace Games

A UK company that has a lot of great games under their belts and several small box games that are great fun. Looking forward to trying out their latest offerings Dwarven Beer Fest


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