The scrumptious Previewing (part 7 of many)

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be an exhibitor.

IGDN: Something I didn’t know existed until now. Seems to be a support network for independent developers. I’ll check it out and get back to you on what it is all about.

Imagination Gaming: I’ve played Red 7 and it was excellent. They seem to do a lot of outreach programmes about gaming and have an educational bent to them. Interesting, but not a high priority for me this time out.

Inspiring Games: Another local outfit whose game Legends Untold I previewed a little while ago. A neat little box full of old school RPG flavour, the new graphical kick in the pants is exactly what the game needed and I look forward to trying it out in a more complete version.

Invincible Games: Nope, no idea. Link doesn’t go anywhere and a cursory google brings up way too many hits to trawl through.

ITB Board Games: I’ve reviewed both Statecraft and Sub-Terra from this outfit and liked them both. ITB is a rapidly growing outfit with big ambitions. One to watch.

Ivory Graphics: British based producer of card decks. Haven’t heard great things about the service but I would like to check them out for potential future projects.

James Hayball: Some nice art here.

James Smith: Another artist, probably?

Japanime Games: Games with a distinctly Anime bent. My wife is very much into Anime so I might see if there is something interesting to be picked up here.

Jonathan Green: Author of some histories of the Fighting Fantasy books. Definitely going to check that out as I loved those books. Ooh, he also writes his own adventure books, cool!

Just Crunch Games: I’ve heard good things about the Black Hack, an old school D&D clone, and this is the home of a Lovecraftian take on that system. I love small indie RPGs so might pick this up.

Justin Wyatt Illustration: Hey this guy illustrated Ore-Some, that’s some damn fine art right there. His prices were pretty reasonable as well so check him out if you are looking for some game art.

KakapopoTCG: These guys sell some very fine cases. Very fine cases.

Kaleido Cards: Small outfit that’s been doing the rounds of the smaller cons. Good to see them at a larger con and I’ll give it a shot.

Konami: This outfit has a big stand and I would imagine it will mostly be Yu-Gi-Oh a game I have zero interest in. Oddly their link doesn’t work straight from the expo site.

KR Multicases: Loads of cases for your mini carrying needs. A few friends have some of their stuff and its great value.

Legends of the Flame Princess: Look at that name, just look at it. Doesn’t it make you want to buy whatever they are selling? You should you know. Not only do they produce excellent old school D&D content, but the quality of the books is absolutely superb.

Lander: Lander is a planetary survival game. I have no other information to profer you, though I have shot their team an email asking to pop by the stand.

Lazy Juggler: Retailer.

Legends Express: Publishers of Age of Soccer and some Burger related game. Honestly this does not grab me at all, I have no interest in football but I do like to eat Burgers. Hmm, might give that shot.

Leisure Games: Online retailer with a B&M store in London. I think they are running a facility to store your shopping with them during the con so check that out if you don’t want to carry loads of stuff around all day.

Lesley’s Bit Box: Online only miniatures retailer.

Librium Games: I’ve seen this game of plastic card balancing at a few cons, but for some reason never given it a go. Will rectify that this year.

London Board Games: Another football game. There were a few of these last year, so there must be some appeal, just not for me.

Longpack Games: A Chinese manufacturer used by loads of companies. Really good quality.

Lookout Games: Publishers of some really heavy euro style games that just don’t grab me. I’ve tried some, but I just can’t get into them.

And that is all the Ls. Definitely broken the back of it now and the end is in sight. Next one of these will go up early next week with some M,N etc. goodness. The con has grown substantially this year so I hope in some small way I can shine a light on the indie outfits and help them out.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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