The Fantastical Previewing (part 10 of many)

101 Exhibitors

Q-Workshop: Purveyors of extremely fine, if at times borderline unreadable, dice.

Qango: Indie German publisher by the looks of it. Definitely on the list as when else will I get to play these games.

Quality Beast: Berlin based reviewers of games and tech. Not entirely sure why they are an exhibitor as such, but maybe they are pushing the brand out.

Queen Games: Another of the bigger brands at the con. I don’t think I actually own anything by this particular outfit so I will certainly swing past the stall and if there is anything I should consider adding to the collection.

Quickplay Events: Events organisers for games and toys industry.

Quirkative: Publisher with only a couple of titles to their repertoire so on the list it goes. Also got their first game printed through Trefl, so would love to get a closer look at a finished product from that manufacturer.

R&P Dice: Another new table manufacturer. Since we can’t get Geek Chic over here there a few of these outfits popping up and I am always thinking ahead to the point that I could afford one of these.

Ragnar Brothers: I’ve played Blooming Gardens, one of the only games my mother likes, and would like to check out more of this outfit.

Raids: Very small press outfit showing off their first game at Expo. Definitely on the list.

Raku: Some kind of advisory service about Kickstarter and board gaming with kids.

Ralph Horsley: Freelance Artist with a bunch of magic cards amongst other things to his name.

Realm Master: Another small press outfit producing an Epic boardgame. Reminds me of some of the local folks so on the list it goes.

Red Glove: A Spanish (?) outfit that seems to have a quite a few games to there stable. Would love to check them out as I have never really heard of them, but not high on the list due to size.

Red Scar Publishing: A UK indie outfit producing a post-apocalyptic RPG. Wonder how it fairs against Apocalypse World?

Republic of 1: Seems like a slightly odd outfit talking about game design, providing some laser cutting and something about breaking down mechanics of games. I’ll see about swinging by and having a chat, after all I am all about supporting the little guy.

River Horse: An outfit with a bunch of large properties to its name, but the reviews of Labyrinth were not great. They won’t be high on the list, but I will check out if they have anything of interest if I can.

Rose’s Gaming Accessories: Wooden storage for boardgames.

Rowenson Games: An indie outfit with a sci-fi themed pickup and deliver game called Stellar Transporter. They will be on the list but I can’t say I am really a fan of this kind of game.

Rubicon Models: A historical warame focused miniatures publisher.

That’s us at the end of the Rs. Onward to S and beyond.

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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