The Gargantuan Previewing (part 11 of many)

The greatest trick the Exhibitors ever pulled, was convincing the world they didn’t exist.

Savvy Games Ltd: Company with a single game to their name called Savvy. Some sort of push your luck game so on the list it goes.

Scorch’s Pyrography: An outfit producing wooden and leather goods of various flavours.

Scrooge: The Board Game: Does exactly what it says on the tin and is apparently ‘Creatively Intense’. I have no idea what that means but it looks very roll and move to me. I’ll give it a shot if I get a chance.

Second Thunder: Tabletop Miniatures outfit with a variety of historical and fantasy titles.

Shades of Vengeance: An RPG outfit with their own system called ERA. Also recently kickstarted a card game called ‘Champion of Earth’.

Shadows of Esteren: A fantasy, gothic RPG which has some lovely looking books and art. This kind of big book RPG is just not in my interest anymore though, unless it proves itself to be something truly special.

Sharkee Games: An outfit with a Kickstarter launching just after expo so they are definitely on the list. If it is up my street I will give them a push for sure.

SheBlackDragon: Artist with a range of Gothic and Fantasy art to her name.

Shed Games: Nice name folks. Looks like they have some very ambitious releases which I would like to check out. The tiles are nice, but the price point of their first release is maybe a tad high?

Sheila Robinson: Writer.

Sibro Games Ltd: They are a games publisher but I can’t find anything out about them.

Sinister Fish Games: Nice name. They have a game about mad inventions. Sounds right up my street. Down they go on the list. I’m at over 50 people to see now. Gulp.

Six to Start: A company that started out with apps to help people achieve running goals in a gamification orientated way. Looks like they are moving into Tabletop so definitely worth a shifty. Probably don’t need the exposure but I will try and have a look if I get the chance.

Smiling Monster Games: German publisher with a focus on games for kids. Not for me this time round.

Sopio Cards: Very simple sounding card game with a variety of flavours. Small publisher so on the list it goes but I am not sure this will be for me.

Space Balloon Games: An Italian company with only a couple of games to their name so on the list. Love that I can visit these publishers at Expo when I wouldn’t see them otherwise.

Spectre Miniatures: Miniatures company shockingly enough.

Spiral Galaxy Games: Board Game retailer.

SquareHex: Retailer of some awesome old school posters, games and accessories. Check them out.

Steamforged Games: A company that has exploded onto the scene over the last few years, first with a successful Guildball kickstarter and then followed up with some board games and the huge Dark Souls boardgame. That has been delivered on time and I hope to have a review of it soon! Not on the list for me as they are a big player now.

Step Puzzle: Going to guess it is a Russian (?) puzzle company. Not sure though.

Super Hero Gear: Hard to google for this one and no direct link. Cosplay maybe?

Surprised Stare Games: Smaller publisher but with a stable of games to their names. Not on the list but one I will visit given the chance.

Syrinscape: Producer of some really nice tabletop audio, which I would love to use more in my own games.

Phew, and relax. That’s all the Ssssss done. WOoo. Almost there. The end is in sight. My brain isn’t mush!


Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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