The Mopup Previewing

Slow and steady wins the race

8 Bit Boardgames: This link leads to an odd site, with no information as to what it is about.

Aeon Games Publishing: RPG focused publisher.

Anthea Slade: Artist, probably?

Federico Sohns:  I’ve heard about Nibiru but not got much interest in it. RPG set on a huge space station.

Fourth Quarter Football: Miniature American Football game. Not for me I’m afraid.

Golden Age Gaming:  I would put this on my list, but I am starting to filter it down to about 30 companies and I just can’t fit something like this in. Also I don’t think they know what the word ‘Unique’ means.

Grange Live Gaming: Shop for Airsoft as well as some board games and RPGs.

Guards Against Insanity: Another CAH cash in? No thanks.

Half Wing Games: Indie publisher with a couple of games to his name. On the list as they might actually interest me. Further reading needed.

John Adams Leisure: Purveyor of Kids toys and games.

JWS Europe Ltd: Toy Wholesaler

Ludorati Cafe:  Nottingham based boardgame cafe.

MDR DYSTRYBUCJA: Polish company with a few games. On the list they go for now as I have never heard of them and I won’t get to meet these folks often.

Play Fusion: Toy and app company I think. Not for me.

V&A Exhibit: This could be interesting if it’s relevant to the con. No real details at the mo.

War Bases: MDF movement trays and Buildings.

It’s done! I’m off for a beer. Some really interesting games and I am working through a list of about 60 I’ve put aside. I’m going to need to refine that quite a lot but the basic plan is to tour the whole con with this refined list in hand to make sure I get the possibility of random discovery alongside the folks I really want to visit.

Business cards are printed, t-shirts on the way, it’s getting exciting sports fans!

Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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