UK Games Expo – The Penultimate Previewing

The call has gone out around the mountains of the gaming world setting off an avalanche of information that may sweep away the unprepared as exhibitors from across the globe join the ranks of those who have already signed up to UK Games Expo. Fear not though dear reader for I have rescue dogs, a pile of gear and a big compass to get you out of this situation. Hopefully we won’t have to eat the weak. Let’s go.

All Rolled Up

I’ve got one of these and you should to. Manufacturers of excellent accessories to enhance your gaming and home of some of the Cthlhu hack as well that I am pretty interested in. Love me some cheap indie RPGaction.

Battle Systems

I am never going to own this amazing scenery because I simply don’t have the room or the time for mini games. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out as the quality is fantastic and they have been working on a game that features the terrain as well.

Bezier Games

I’d love to get a demo of Palace of Mad King Ludwig as I think it might be right up my street.

Big Fun Games

A Taiwanese games publisher full of games I haven’t even heard of? Yes please.

Board Game Maker

Definitely want to check this out for prototyping purposes and the Playtest group I run.

Chip Theory Games

A dice builder RPG? No I have no idea what that means, but count me intrigued.


They ran a massive Indiegogo campaign for their app that supports boardgames. I am still incredibly sceptical that it can ever be broad enough to be useful but it should be interesting to see how far they have come.

Hall or Nothing

Lifeform looks pretty interesting so if I can get a demo in that would be great.

Hercules Game Studios

Like the art style of this game and the theme. Looks like they are still in development at the moment.

Hub Games

I really want to check out Untold and the forthcoming game themed around a dying man’s memories is a really bold idea.

Lay Waste Games

I was intrigued by Dragoon when I saw it on Kickstarter. Would be a good opportunity to lay hands on with a copy before deciding if it’s actually for me.

Merlin Games

‘The most exciting game of strategy and chance’? I’ll find out.

Oink games

I really like the format of these small games but I’ve never had a chance to play any. Definitely worth checking out.


Might be worth checking these guys out this year as they have the 40k licence to produce a new cards game. Could be interesting.

Rowan Rook and Decard Ltd

Really interested in picking up Spire, I missed the Kickstarter and it sounded pretty intriguing.

I think that is probably enough for this time round. I’ll do a sweep of the remaining letters for anything I think is of interest in a couple of weeks time as well as a highlighting of all the Scottish designers and publishers that will be down. Really looking forward to it and if you see me wandering around the con to come up and say hi.







Iain McAllister

Tabletop games reviewer and podcaster based in Dalkeith, Scotland.

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