Brainwaves Special Edition – Megagames

In this special episode Iain and Jamie are joined by John Mizon of Southwest Megagames and Mr. Megagame himself Matthew Bambridge to discuss everything about this increasingly popular type of game. We go in deep to what makes megagames tick from the history of the genre to the recent arrival of products like Vampire: The Masquerade, Bloodlines. We hope you enjoy and would like to thank John and Matthew for being such excellent guests.

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Intro to Megagames

Off cast John recommended this video as a good primer for the genre

Shut Up & Sit Down

Becky Becky Blogs
We mention Trope High in the cast


Megagame Coalition

These are where you will find the games running at Gencon

Southwest Megagames (John Mizon)

Mr. Megagame (Matthew Bambridge)

Other megagame creators
Megagame Makers:
Penine Megagames:
Horizon Megagames:
True North Megagames:

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