Brainwaves Episode 101 – Backing Up

After the highs of the big 100, Iain and Jamie are back behind the mics to bring you the latest tabletop gaming news. In Brainwaves Episode 101, they cover a new player in the field of crowdfunding, Kickstarter’s community board, the Diana Jones Award, a whole slew of updates, and Monopoly Summer Camp. 

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Roe Vs Wade

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Planned Parenthood

Donate to Abortion Funds

More info on local Abortion Funds

Information on getting abortion pills

Tiffany’s thread with more links


Backerkit enters the crowdfunding arena

Kickstarter elects community council

Diana Jones Award Nominees


Satine Phoenix & Jamison Stone

Comicbook article, great summary of everything so far

Origins Statement

Sirens:Battle of the Bands info (linked this last cast but in the excitement of episode 100 forgot to mention it)

Syrinscape Statement

Embracer responds to Saudi investment

Union updates

Kinderspiel announced


Maureen Hiron dies

Dragonwake KS

GW Finances

Patreon Shoutouts

James Naylor

Shaun Newan

Our Patreon

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Metallic Dice Games


Sir Meeple


Monopoly Summer camp

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