Brainwaves Episode 35 – Future Flight

Iain & Jamie are back from their vacation with a longer cast than normal to catch up on all the tasty boardgame news. They are joined by Glenn Ford of Man O’Kent Games to cover Kickstarter Unions, CMON time machines, trucks full of dice, when RPGs go wrong and much more!
Kickstarter in the Firing Line
CMON goes back in time
Fantasy Flight Games looks to the future
Dice hit the road
Stores given grants by Wizards
Evil Dead 2 springs back to life
RPG Corner
Kamigakari ks goes sideways
Fandom acquires Cortex from Margaret Weiss Productions
Monte Cook games releases consent guide
Belgian Monopoly takes the piss
Ms. Monopoly
Dollop episode: Landlords game
Lucky Sparrow Game Cafe
Funding Article
Man O’Kent Games
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Iain McAllister

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