Brainwaves Episode 94 – Update-a-Palooza

Jamie’s had some bad OJ and they are recording later than usual. How will this affect your favourite tabletop news show? The only way to know is to tune into Brainwaves Episode 94 as they cover Nebula awards, sales completing, more updates than you can shake a stick at and rock bands getting into RPGs.

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Four tabletop RPGs up for nebula award

Embracer Group completes acquisition of Asmodee and Dark Horse


US Man jailed for pokemon card buy with covid funds

TSR Vs Wizards round 364

JR Honeycutt sues

Episode 39

Original Medium Post

Fandomentals piece including JR apology

Victoria’s GoFundMe

Gaming Goat Strikes Again

Episode 82

Episode 83

Original Page Address – This has since been taken down


Heroquest petition

Games Workshop pulls out of Russia

Football’s Coming Home

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James Naylor

Shaun Newan

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Tabletop Scotland


Have Faith in the Future of RPGs

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