Episode 38 – Selling Up!

What’s this? Iain is considering selling the Brainwaves HQ? As they consider the offer they invite the real estate magnate James Naylor to join the team and cover this week’s news: legends dying, profits falling, lawsuits concluding, mashups, acquisitions and much more on this weeks Brainwaves.

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Frances Tresham dies

Wikipedia entry

Hasbro Profits Fall


Bell of Lost Souls Link

Gygax v. DeSanto lawsuit wraps up

Article Link


Critical Role animated series picked up by Amazon!


Hasbro Mashups line

Target Link

WOTC Acquires Tuque Games


Small World of Warcraft


Cards Against Humanity opens boardgame cafe


Kickstarter Union Update


Immersive Monopoly show

One Page Dungeon



Lucky Sparrow Games Cafe

James Naylor

Magnate official site / KS email sign-up

Boardgamegeek link

Official Facebook

Official Instagram

James’ twitter account

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    […] but is close to the final version as we understand it. James has been a guest on the cast in Episode 38. Some of the images in this post were provided by James and were taken by Ross from More Games […]

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