Episode 66 – Running Commentary

Iain and Iain are having a nice relaxing time in the garden when all news hell breaks loose! Despite their need to kick back, the team gathers once more behind the mics to cover famous names putting their foot firmly in mouth, others moving forward with action, translation issues in the world of virtual tabletops, magic cards breaking records, and Jenga. Yes. Jenga. All this and more, on this episode of Brainwaves!

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Radho runs into trouble

Tascini Update

https://www.facebook.com/daniele.tascini – You can find Tascini’s statements on his facebook page

Tabletop Simulator outsources translation to Google?


Muppets and Chainmail bras

Rose Gauntlet

Magic card breaks records at auction

Asmodee gets scientific

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Shaun Newan



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Jenga world record



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